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The Internet could be considered one of humanaties greatest resources. Unfortuntely it is under constant threat from criminals, corporations and governments. Its our responsibility to protect ourselves from it, and it from ourselves

Your Right to Privacy

You didn't always have the right to privacy. Now you are giving it away voluntarily. Limit the information you make public to stop it being used against you in the future.

Cyber Security

Data breaches, phishing scams, identity theft and more. Everyday thousands of people fall victim to cyber-crime. Take some simple steps to put you legues ahead of the majority.

Freedom of Information

Almost half of the worlds population is still deprived of the right to freely seek and impart information under political systems that are based on propaganda and indoctrination.

What I say about it

Sometimes I am asked for my opinion on current events in cyber security, privacy and technology related politics
Samsing Business Insights

Samsing Business Insights

Computer System Security Under Threat From Artificial Intelligence

SC Magazine

SC Magazine

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Cyber-Security

IoT News

IoT News

Encryption, data and government: Lessons learned from the KRACK vulnerability


Reporting and opinion on current events and issues in cyber security

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